Preschool Piano

I have developed a Preschool Piano curriculum which consists of 10 x 45 minute sessions that introduce both the piano and theory of music to preschool aged children (3 & 4 years old) in a fun and relaxed group setting.

The Preschool Piano course helps to equip children with the knowledge and confidence they need to begin their musical journey, as well as preparing them for individual piano lessons if they wish to pursue them later.

Areas covered include an introduction to musical notation, the musical alphabet, understanding different rhythms, recognising and finding different keys on the piano, different dynamics, Italian musical terms, and major and minor keys. Theory of music will also be introduced.

I offer the Preschool Piano course from my home in Boughton, Chester, and also in local nurseries and preschools.

For further information about the Preschool Piano course and for fees and availability, please feel free to contact me.

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